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THE Rubicon London

The Rubicon is a purpose-built studio designed specifically for the needs of freelance creatives working or growing a brand in beauty & fashion.

Nowadays, content is currency, flexibility expected
and budgets are stretched. More than ever it's become increasingly important to have a clear visual voice.

The Rubicon has been curated for like minded creatives to run their

business, shoot content, meet clients and prep for jobs.



[ roo-bi-kon ]


NOUN. : Abounding or limiting line;

especially: one that when crossed commits a person irrevocably.

Image de Chirag Saini



Vyner street, a stones throw away from broadway market, has a long history with creatives in London.

In the late 90’s to mid naughties Vyner street was a hub of activity for London's vibrant art scene. After the recession in 2008, many of the galleries disbanded, most heading back to the West End.

In recent years however, the creative landscape is back, with commercial galleries, film production and fashion designers all pouring back to Vyner street.



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