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The Rubicon is a purpose-built working studio designed specifically for the needs of freelance creatives working or growing a brand in beauty & fashion.

Nowadays, content is currency, flexibility expected
and more than ever it's become increasingly important to have your own clear visual voice.

The Rubicon has been curated for like minded creatives to run their

business, shoot content, meet clients and prep for jobs.

Become a Resident and join the growing community making The Rubicon, their home away from home. 




The Rubicon London consists of a Photography studio, Hair Salon, Prepping room and Nail work stations. Work space can be booked hourly to suit your needs and booked easily online. To become a resident at no monthly cost and have access to the facilities, say "hello" below and we'll arrange a viewing of the space.




Salon work stations - £22 ph + VAT

Nail work station - £11ph + VAT

Prepping station (Hair & Makeup)- £11 ph + VAT

Photography studio - £35 ph + VAT



    [ roo-bi-kon ]


    NOUN. : Abounding or limiting line;

    especially: one that when crossed commits a person irrevocably.



    for more information OR TO BOOK A TOUR OF THE STUDIO,


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