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The Rubicon London is a co-working studio for independent creatives working in beauty and fashion. 

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The Rubicon is a purpose-built studio curated specifically for the needs of freelance creatives working or growing a brand in beauty & fashion.


The working studio has been designed by creatives for creatives, to run their 

business, shoot content, meet clients and prep for jobs.

Our mission is to simplify the process of hiring workspace, making it easy, affordable and flexible for the creative community.


Check out the latest work captured at The Rubicon London.

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  1. Bar

  2. Bathroom

  3. Tattoo studio

  4. Cafe

  5. Lounge

  6. Terrace

  7. Beauty Workspace

  8. Prepping Room

  9. Nails

  10. Photography Studio

Floor plan

Daniel Archer


"I would describe the rubicon as a sanctuary where inspiration and craftsmanship come to intertwine."

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